Firm Profile

O’Hara Federal Strategies, LLC was founded in Washington, DC in 2011 by the father/daughter team, respected long time legislative consultant Bartley O’Hara and his daughter Lizzy O’Hara, former staffer to Congressman Richard A. Gephardt (D-MO) and Congressman Thomas J. Manton (D-NY). With positive bi-partisan relations in the legislative, regulatory and private sector arenas, Bartley and Lizzy blend their decades of policy experience and keen knowledge of the legislative process to provide quality advice and insight to their clients.

While O’Hara Federal Strategies, LLC boasts an impressive network of contacts on both sides of the aisle, it is unique in that we listen to client needs and work closely with them to frame realistic, well thought out strategies to reach their policy objective. In particular, we provide a complete understanding of how the twists and turns of the legislative labyrinth can benefit or be obstacles to client goals. Observing the current legislative atmosphere and the policy battles of the last two years, never has this been more important to policy successes.  This coupled with strong backgrounds in issues such as agriculture, energy, environment, financial services, foreign policy, historic preservation, labor, tax, and transportation allows us to craft creative strategies to advance the interests of our clients.

O’Hara Federal Strategies, LLC also recognizes the importance of the different way for-profits, NGOs, unions and others approach legislation and have a broad and range of experience in accommodating the views on disparate issues, regions and people to legislative and regulatory processes.

To navigate the legislative process, it is critical to have a strong grasp of its working parts such as Member meetings and Capitol Hill protocol, advocacy, well thought-out policy communications such as letters and policy papers and hearing preparation.  O’Hara Federal Strategies provides effective communication tools that are part of successful public policy strategies.

At O’Hara Federal Strategies, LLC, we are well grounded in the intimate knowledge of the legislative and regulatory process and are well prepared to offer practical advice and strategies to clients in the often turbulent world of federal public policy.

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